Join the War Effort!
Pray. Give. Go.
During the great World Wars of the 20th century, everyone understood the threat and did their part. Canadian men and women who could not physically fight in the war involved themselves here at home in the manufacturing of airplanes, tanks, ships, weapons, ammunition, and uniforms. Women and children worked alongside farmers to provide food for our soldiers. People sacrificed and got by with less so our soldiers could have more. Business men invested in war bonds to help finance the war. Everyone did something for the cause.
Today, there is an intense spiritual war raging for the hearts and minds of the entire world. The enemy is fierce and strong, and those on the front lines are dying, fainting, quitting. The need for those at home to “join the war effort” is greater today than it has ever been.
Chill-Out! 2023 will challenge you to do your part — whatever it may be. You will return home equipped and enthusiastic to “join the war effort” from the place where you live and serve.
Camp runs 3:00 pm on Feb 9 to after lunch on Feb. 11, 2023 (Campers, please do not arrive early). The early-Bird registration fee is $80. A non-refundable deposit of $40 must be sent with your registration form by Friday, January 27, 2023 to qualify for this reduced rate. Space is limited, so register soon. Registration after January 27 is $100. Payments are to be made by e-transfer, to the email address. Digital registration forms (preferred) can be found below for both Campers and Workers, as well as a downloadable form/brochure.
Thank you for your interest in Camp Chill-Out! We have reached capacity, and are unable to accept any more campers for the 2023 camp. Hopefully you can join us next year!
Thank you for your interest in registering as a worker for Chill-Out! 2023. Worker registration is now full for this year. Please join us next year! A donation of $50 is requested to help cover the cost of meals. Workers are also to read the following: Worker Guidelines 2023.
Click below if you would like a digital copy of the camp brochure for this year. Please note that registration is now full. This document is for information only at this time.
Camp Chill-Out! 2023 will be held at the facilities of Camp Maskepetoon on the north-west shore of Pigeon Lake in Alberta. The GPS coordinates for the Camp are 53.070534, -114.158313. You can also click here for directions, or text “Chill-Out!” to 780-221-2399 for a pin. Feel free to contact us with any questions!